Sheldon Reyher

Environmental Scientist

Mr. Reyher is employed as an environmental scientist performing site assessments for commercial and industrial properties with Trinity Environmental. He has become familiar with several types of software that have been used to prepare presentations for litigation, prepared reports that would be submitted to the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality for compliance to state and federal regulations/recommendations, and to inform clients of the impact on their properties.

Professional Experience:
Mr. Reyher was employed over 21 years with MACTEC Engineering and Consulting of Georgia, Inc, formerly known as Law Engineering and Environmental Services, Incorporated (LAW). For the past one and one-half years of his employment with MACTEC/LAW, Mr. Reyher served as a Principal Environmental Scientist and Office Contract Analyst. Responsibilities included reviewing the activities and reporting results of Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments by the project level staff. Additional duties included reviewing contract documents to determine if client or vendor requested changes fall into an acceptable level of risk. Mr. Reyher also assisted the office Chief Scientist in performing and evaluating quality assurance audits, training and evaluating the performance of field personnel, and assisted corporate personnel in performing Quality Assurance/Quality Control audits at various office locations throughout the United States.

Past responsibilities included, but were not limited to: performing Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments, performing asbestos surveys in conjunction with Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, reporting findings from quarterly monitoring and sampling activities, and performing operations and maintenance activities on varied types of remediation equipment. Mr. Reyher has also observed, documented, and reported underground storage tank removals, developed operations and maintenance programs for remediation equipment, and managed operation and maintenance activities on several remediation sites using diverse remediation technologies.

He has acted as a project manager and supervisor for the construction and materials group and the laboratory group of LAW Houston, as well as a project manager and supervisor for Phase I and II Site Assessments, monitoring well installations, aquifer testing, slug testing, and remediation system installation and operations and maintenance.

Mr. Reyher's extensive construction background includes both field and laboratory experience involving concrete, asphalt, soils, and aggregates, including batch plant inspections. He has performed and supervised concrete mix designs, performed lime and cement stabilization tests, observed and tested subgrade preparation, precast and prestress concrete members, drilled piers and footings, reinforcement steel emplacements, concrete form conformance to plans and specifications, and various other strength and structural analyses and tests.

His construction materials testing laboratory experience includes strength tests on soils such as preparation and testing of soil samples for the California Bearing Ratio analysis, direct shear strength of undisturbed and remolded soil samples, unconfined and tri-axial strength tests, moisture/density relationships of stabilized and unstabilized soils, and testing and design of asphalt mixes.

Mr. Reyher started his technician career as an asphalt, concrete, and soils technician with Coastal Testing Laboratory located in Pasadena, Texas. His additional duties included training new personnel in field sampling and testing procedures and assisting in the testing laboratory as needed.

U. S. Army Warrant Officer (Aviation), 1967 – 1970
B.A. Psychology, 1975

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